YEP KC 2018 Has Begun

By: Kathryn Tanner

The second year of YEP KC has just begun.  This summer the YEP KC program has selected 19 of Kansas City’s brightest high school students and given them the opportunity to partake in two spans of one month internships. The internship will take place at one of KC’s startup businesses.  I am one of those fortunate students!  When I first heard about YEP KC I was told that the selection process was brutal, and that they only picked the top candidates.  I did some research to learn more about YEP KC .  I was intrigued,  so I sent in my application even though I had doubts that I would be chosen. After submitting my application in February, I went through three months of waiting and interviews.  Finally, at the beginning of May I got the acceptance letter!  I was elated, I could hardly believe that I was selected out of the 300 plus student that applied.  I would meet the entire 2018 class of YEP at orientation.  In the days leading up to the event I felt nervous about meeting my peers, but at orientation, I was pleasantly surprised  that we connected so well.
For the first month, I will be interning at C2FO with their marketing team.  I am so glad I was granted the opportunity to participate in a program like this. I’m thankful the first company I’ve been placed with is very welcoming to the interns.  Although I’ve only been at C2FO for a couple of days, my team has done an amazing job at fostering me into their work environment.  I am grateful for the experience the YEP program is giving me.  In the upcoming weeks I am certainly looking forward to expanding my knowledge on local startups in Kansas City.