Taking a Chance: Be Your Best Self

"Mediocrity is the worst enemy of prosperity." - Henry Ford

By: Evan Park

My decision to take a gap year was one that didn’t come easily. I decided to give up a year with some of my closest friends, for an outside endeavour that I believe to be worthwhile. I discussed the matter with some of my mentors, closest friends, and family. The response I received from them was an unanimous ‘yes, you should go for it’. And the more I pondered the subject matter, the clearer the truth became. They were right, I should ‘go for it’, and the biggest reason being: you get one shot at this life, and you don’t have time to second-guess yourself. You do what you feel is right, and makes sense of each situation by weighing all the given variables.

I was given a choice between two paths:

Path A led to an absolute life in which the outcome was predictable. I would go to school, study hard, get some summer internships, and use the connections I had to land a job at an investment bank on Wall Street. I’d be confined in a set boundary, and forced to live a life which I will define as being ‘mediocre’.

Path B was undefined. And the outcome? Unpredictable. This would mean I would be paving my own path, and doing something that’s never been done before all in pursuit of creating something that’s bigger than me.

Both paths have their appeals, however, there’s only one right choice.

A life in which I can do what I love while providing value to others in a meaningful way, now that’s the dream for me. I’ll chose Path B 10/10 times.

My advice for others who aren’t sure of which path they should take:

If you dare to do the hardest thing you can conceptualize - there’s no more practical pathway to success.

But you need to have an aim.

You have to be able to organize your emotions and your motivations.

Because if you actually want something - you can have it.

There are just 3 simple steps you have to take:

  • Reorient your life in every possible way to make the probability that that will occur as certain as possible.
  • Be deadly serious - you're perfectly capable of thinking, as well as immense feats of imagination.

  • And most importantly: cut the B.S