Forget about endless rows of cubicles, suits & ties, and a bureaucratic environment where no one knows your name.  YEP KC business partners are hand-picked, high-flying organizations where you'll feel empowered and inspired every day.     



C2FO is the largest working capital marketplace in the world. Companies across the globe use C2FO to improve their financial position every day. C2FO is a leader in retail, industrial, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, technology, telecom and transportation sectors. Learn more about Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization at


Fishtech is a technology accelerator focused on finding and creating solutions for our clients that deliver operational efficiencies and improved security posture. So you don’t have to be, we are immersed in the changing security and emerging technology landscape specific to Cloud, IoT, SDN, and Virtualization. For more information, visit


Blooom is an online tool that assesses a consumer’s 401(k) in about five minutes from start to finish - and provides ongoing professional management for only $1/month for those with less than $20,000 invested ($15/month for those with more than $20,000). Blooom is a Registered Investment Advisory firm co-founded by financial advisors with decades of experience working with high net worth clients.



Unlock every opportunity with Eyeprint ID™ - created by EyeVerify Inc. One look opens mobile devices, logs you into apps and secures your mobile payments.

Eyeprint ID transforms an ordinary selfie into a key that protects your digital life. This patented, software-only biometrics solution is 99.99% accurate and extremely scalable. In less than one second, with no add-on hardware, employees and customers will experience password-free mobility and convenient, secure, private authentication.


Our people were born to be Indigo Wild. And — guilty as charged — every one of us is a true nature’s child. We’ve banded together to thump and bump the rock and soul into every batch of Zum Bars, Glows, Rubs, Kisses and more. Individually, our peeps are virtuosos who are oh-so major to helping our ingredients sing. But together, We’re fusicians who ensure the holistic is always greater than the Zum of its parts.


While there are other companies that may appear similar to us, we don’t fit neatly into any category. We’re a strange bird. Combine a team of graphic designers and brand strategists with architects and filmmakers, then take interior, interactive and environmental designers and connect them to a team of digital engineers, throw in an innovation lab, then bolt on a 70,000-square-foot modern workshop where we can build just about anything and, well, you’ve got us. Visit us at